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On these pages you will find a brief history of the Barcham Family whose forebears lived in North Norfolk, certainly from 1600, possibly even earlier. The trunk of the family tree is displayed and the genealogy of the diverging branches of the family is explained.

The descendants of these early Barchams now live throughout the world, many in Australia and New Zealand, others in Canada, the USA and Europe, as well as the United Kingdom. There are still Barcham descendants living today in Norfolk, close by the places where their ancestors lived, farmed and owned property some 250 years ago. Ships, seafaring and emigration have been a continuing theme for many Barchams since the mid 18th century. Profiles of present-day family members tell of individual achievements and interests and there is also a page for family news which is regularly updated.

The highlight of 2003 was the Family Gathering held on 20-22 June at the Baptist Chapel, Worstead, and attended by over 60 family members and their partners. A photo gallery shows events that took place over the Gathering weekend, places that are associated with the Barchams and some items of family memorabilia.

Our family history The Barchams of Edingthorpe is available on CD together with  family trees and genealogical reports.


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