The Barcham Family

The London Barchams
William Ayres Barcham (1794-1841), master mariner, son of Judith (née Dyboll) and William Barcham of Great Yarmouth, went to London early in the 19th century. William married Anne Edwards (1807-1877) who came from St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles. They lived at 9 Havering Street, Stepney, and had seven children, three of whom were mariners. Their eldest son, William Edwards Barcham (1821-1910), established a large family in Upper Clapton, North London, while their fourth child, Henry Barcham (1833-1910), emigrated to Australia in 1854. Their youngest daughter, Fanny Elizabeth Barcham (1840-1921), became a teacher and married her cousin, William Edwards Williams (1832-1905).

William Edwards Barcham

Sidney Barcham (1855-1934), eldest son of William Edwards Barcham, became a master mariner. He was master of P&O's Arcadia from 1909 to 1915. Sidney's younger brothers, Herbert Clarence Barcham (1863-1939), and Richard Edwards Barcham (1861-1939) were also master mariners.

James Barcham (b. 1825), son of Mabel (née Harland) and Neal Raven Barcham of Sherringham, was also a mariner when he married Susan Ann James at St Mary's Parish Church, Bermondsey, in 1850, at the same church where William Ayres Barcham was married 25 years earlier. They were living at 4 Ann Terrace, Limehouse, when their son, John Connor James was born in 1856; in the 1881 Census of Middlesex he was a stevedore living at 71 Wellesley Street, Mile End.

Robert Sunman Barcham (b. 1822), son of Maria (née Sunman) and Barcham Barcham of Lower Sherringham, moved to London after 1857. Robert and his second wife Elizabeth (née Hellis) were living at 285 Manchester Street, Poplar, in 1881, where he was a shopkeeper. Their son Barcham Barcham (b. 1856) was a general dealer living at 285 Manchester Street, Poplar, in 1881. Barcham Barcham married Eliza Ann Hadlow at St Mary's Parish Church, Whitechapel, in 1878.

Arbour Square, Stepney, first home of Fanny (née Barcham) and William Williams