The Barcham Family

Barcham Family History

The history of the Barcham Family is described in detail in The Barchams of Edingthorpe by Christopher Farrow and Judith Constantine. The book is based on Chris Farrow's genealogical research. It traces the history of the Barcham Family from 1600 to the present day. It includes information about the places where the Barchams lived, their occupations, their homes, and the historical events that shaped their lives, as well as genealogical details about individual family members. Illustrated with maps and many old photographs, it is a fascinating story about a family who, over the centuries, have been weavers, farmers, mariners, shipbuilders and ship owners, blacksmiths, millers, grocers, innkeepers, veterinaries, and schoolteachers in Norfolk and elsewhere. Some sailed all over the world in fast clippers trading in the Far East, while others prospected for gold in Australia and New Zealand. Many Barchams chose to emigrate in the 19th century, the ships that they sailed on have been identified, and details of their voyages have been recorded. In the 20th century a Barcham was Captain of the P&O passenger liner SS Arcadia, others served their countries in two world wars and a post-war Barcham climbed in the Himalayas with Sir Edmund Hillary. The following pages are a brief resumé of the history of the Barcham Family in Norfolk, London, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, World Wars I and II. Through marriage, the Barchams have connections with many other families whose history has also been charted, some of which are outlined in Family Connections.

Updates to the history of the Barcham Family are posted as more information comes to light.