The Barcham Family

Barcham Family Tree

The Barcham family tree has been compiled by Chris Farrow using information from various sources including The Barcham Family Tree, a family tree of the Australian branch from James Norman Barcham, parish registers, censuses, Lloyd's Lists and Lloyd's Register of Shipping. Other information has come through correspondence with descendants of various branches of the family throughout the world.

Wills, which can be obtained from county records offices in the UK and from national or state archives in other countries provide a wealth of information: confirming family relationships, giving occupations and assets. It is remarkable how much information can be found by visiting parish churches: searching the graveyards and reading the brochures that have been written by parishioners. For example, All Saints’ Parish Church, Mundesley, History and Guide mentions a bequest made by William Barcham; and the Baptist Chapel at Meeting House Hill, Worstead, has a copy of Thomas Barcham’s Historical and Biographical Notices of the Barcham Family published in 1857 by Thomas Barcham of Reading.

Researching family history is a ‘work-in-progress’. There are always more items of information that can be found and inserted into the puzzle, thereby providing fresh insights into the lives of our forebears. Please contact if you want to know more about your forebears, or know of more family members that can be included in the tree, or indeed have anything of interest to add to the family history.

If you would like to have a family tree printed we will be happy to supply pdf or gedcom files on request for your branch in whatever style you prefer with or without a background image – family photos can be added if you wish. My History offers a printing service for large family trees. Prints of your tree would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for members of your family. There is no charge for family tree files. Donations towards with the cost of maintaining our domain name and the website are always much appreciated. Please contact for more information.

Family trees uploaded to our website are privatised, i.e. no dates for living persons are included. Files supplied for your branch of the Barcham Family will, however, include all the details that you specify.