The Barcham Family

Descendants of Sarah and William Barcham

Several thousand descendants of Sarah (née Dyboll) (1724-1803) and William Barcham (1717-1782) of Edingthorpe have now been recorded. They had eight children: three daughters – Hannah, Elizabeth and Sarah – died young, aged 21, 6 and 16 years respectively; the families of their daughter Mary, who married William Rudd, and their youngest son Thomas have not been researched. The remaining three sons married and each have seventh- and eighth-generation descendants living today in the United Kingdom and around the world.The three branches that have been researched are: descendants of Rebecca (née Diaball) and William Barcham (1744-1771) of Great Yarmouth and Mundesley; the family of Elizabeth (née Helsdon) (1752-1845) and John Barcham (1749-1828) who inherited Church Farm, Edingthorpe; and the third is Mary (née Banfather) (1759-1845) and Benjamin Barcham (1758-1830) who lived at Lower Sherringham, Norfolk.

Download simple outline family trees for the early Barchams, for Bartholomew Barcham (1696-1796), youngest son of Susan (née Eades) and Joseph Bauchen, and for six generations of each of the three main branches of the Barcham Family (note that dates for living persons are not included):

Early Barchams

Bartholomew Barcham of Yarmouth

William Barcham of Yarmouth

John Barcham of Edingthorpe

Benjamin Barcham of Sherringham

More family trees or 'gedcom' files (for those who have family tree software such as Family Tree Maker) are available to members of the Barcham Family who have purchased a copy of The Barchams of Edingthorpe. Detailed family trees are also included on the Barcham Family CD. Members of the Barcham Family can use this valuable resource as an adjunct to the book, to trace their Barcham forebears, and also as a basis for further research into connections with other families. Please send requests for family trees, updates and and any additional information about branches and twigs of the family to

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