The Barcham Family

Norfolk Roots

The Barcham family's roots are in North-east Norfolk in the villages between North Walsham, Great Yarmouth and Norwich and along the coast at Mundesley, Cromer and Sheringham. Zoom in to see more detail surrounding individual villages.

The early Barchams lived and farmed at Honing, Edingthorpe and Paston. Barcham gravestones may be seen in the churchyards at Honing, Edingthorpe, Paston and the Baptist Chapel, Worstead. The family has strong associations with the Baptist Chapel at Meeting House Hill, near Worstead, through John Barcham (1749-1828), who lived at Church Farm, Edingthorpe. He was a deacon and benefactor of the chapel. One of their sons, Asher Barcham (1786-1845), donated a clock to the new chapel, built in 1829, which is still in working order today. Their youngest daughter, Naomi (1795-1879), married John Rix Blakely, who was pastor of the chapel from about 1832 to 1836.

Thomas Edward Barcham (1866-1948), youngest son of Robert Barcham of Paston (1821-1888), owned Barcham's Farm, Edingthorpe Green. Thomas and his brother, Robert Samuel Barcham (1860-1901), were veterinary surgeons at Vicarage Street, North Walsham.

The seafaring families lived in Great Yarmouth, Mundesley, Cromer and Sheringham. They were the descendants of William Barcham (1744-1771) and Benjamin Barcham (1758-1830). They were ship owners, shipwrights, and mariners. Some Barchams lived in The Rows, Great Yarmouth. Captain William Barcham (1771-1859) owned property in Mundesley, and there is a Barcham's Yard in Sheringham. Barcham gravestones may be seen in the churchyards at Mundesley, Cromer and Sheringham.

Other branches of the family lived at Aylmerton, Catfield, Burlingham, Knapton, Lingwood, Swardeston and Wicklewood.

If you wish to visit this lovely area of England to search out your roots, further details and information about accommodation are available from North Norfolk District Council. You can also find out more about the Norfolk Coast which has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Two tours are suggested, both visiting Mundesley, Edingthorpe, Worstead and Meeting Hill: a round trip from Blakeney takes in Sheringham and Cromer, and a round trip from Great Yarmouth covers the area around the Norfolk Broads.  A list of places associated with the Barchams are indicated by the numbers on the maps.

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