The Barcham Family

Family Connections

The lineages of persons marrying into the Barcham family have been included in Chris Farrow's Barcham Family Chronicle. The following pedigrees are of interest:

Rivers Hicks
John Pritchard has provided interesting information about his great-grandmother Edith Barcham (b.1853) the daughter of Elizabeth (née Green) and Thomas Barcham of Mundesley and Paston.In 1878, Edith Barcham married Rivers Hicks, an 'East India merchant'. They lived at 10 Alwyne Road, Islington, where they had six children: the eldest Rivers Keith Hicks (1878-1954) emigrated to Canada and died in Toronto; the third child Peter Rivers Hicks (1881-1948) married Jesse Elizabeth Andrews. They had two children.The second child was Peter Rivers (1909-1994). In 1936, at St Clement Danes in the Strand, Peter Rivers Hicks married Felicity Hughes. From 1931 to 1976, Peter was a stockbroker; and a member of the London Stock Exchange Council from 1949 to 1961. At the outbreak of World War II, he went to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst; and in 1940 he was commissioned into the Royal West Kent Regiment and served ‘with gallantry and distinction in France, West Africa, North Africa and Italy. On 8 June 1944 the London Gazette reported: appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire: Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Peter Rivers Hicks (126452), The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment'.

The Browning Connection
Don Montague, Malcolm Walker-Kinnear and Clare Eagle have provided more information about another limb of
Elizabeth (née Lacy) and William Barcham’s branch: the family of Edith (née Barcham) Hicks' cousin Robert William Barcham (1859-1913) who married Constance Eliza de la Mare (1866-1956). Constance was the daughter of Lucy Sophia Browning and James Edward de la Mare. One of her grandfathers was Colin Arrott Browning (1791-1856) who had a distinguished career. At the age of 22, he was appointed assistant surgeon in the Royal Navy. In 1815 he was awarded the Waterloo Medal for care of the wounded; he served in the Battle of Algiers in 1816; and was promoted surgeon in 1815. In 1831, he became surgeon-superintendent aboard ships transporting convicts to Australia. He was a reformer of conditions aboard these ships and wrote two books: England's Exiles and The Convict Ship. Colin Arrott Browning married Eliza Green (1800-1863) at Sevenoaks, Kent, in 1800, daughter of Hannah and Samuel Green of Sevenoaks, Kent. Eliza’s stepmother (Samuel’s second wife) was Rachel Barcham (1788-1868) of Edingthorpe, the widow of James Beard, a watchmaker residing in Tonbridge, Kent, who died in 1813: thus there is another link between branches of the Barcham family.