The Barcham Family


In this text, and elsewhere in the Family News section, descendants of the various branches of the family are designated by:

Bartholomew Barcham of Great Yarmouth (BwB); Juler branch of North Walsham (JnJ)

William Barcham of Great Yarmouth and Mundesley (WmB)

John Barcham of Edingthorpe (JnB); Benjamin Barcham of Sherringham (BnB)

Thomas Barcham (ThB); Bircham/Burcham branch that that originated in the Norfolk village of Kirby Kane and subsequently lived in Great Yarmouth. (BBB): we are still trying to find where this branch springs from the trunk of the family tree.

Correspondents 2010

This year we were contacted by correspondents from the four main branches of the family. They have provided interesting information on more Barcham descendants. We have also been able to update information about descendants of John and Benjamin Barcham.

Correspondents 2011-2013

We have had a number of inquiries during 2011, 2012, 2013, some of which have provided new information about connections and links to the Barcham family.

Correspondents 2014

Since Chris Farrow retired Judith has been kept busy dealing with inquiries and updating the website. Follow this link to read the details.

Correspondents 2015-2017

Apart from some announcements and updates to the Barcham family tree few inquiries have been received. However, Robyn Ramsey has found a wonderful poem written by Philip de la Mare Barcham in World War I.