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We are indebted to Chris Farrow (1934-2021) for his dedication to researching our family history for some 30 years. Chris gave us all a great deal of pleasure and his contribution is greatly missed. Those members of the family who came to the Barcham Gathering in 2003 will recall Chris’s energy and enthusiasm. He instigated the Gathering, planned and organised the whole weekend. It was a memorable occasion that revealed our Norfolk roots, our huge family tree, family memorabilia and individual histories

We now have a network of Family Correspondents. Trevor Rix, has kindly agreed to take on the role of 'Family History Advisor' should any queries arise or should you want to carry out more research and need help and advice. Eleven family members have kindly agreed to be correspondents:

Andrew Barcham, JnB Canada, (descendant of Fred Barcham)

Ken Barcham, BnB Australia (descendant of Jedidiah Pegg Barcham)

Graeme Campbell, WmB Australia (descendant of James Norman Barcham)

Luke Barcham, WmB Australia (descendant of Richard Edwards Barcham)

Dorrie Cowan, WmB New Zealand (descendant of Herbert Clarence Barcham)

Diane Cordwell WmB New Zealand (descendant of Robert William Barcham

Judith Constantine, WmB UK (descendant of Williams Edwards Barcham)

Trevor Rix, JnB UK (descendant of Rachel Barcham)

David Blakely, JnB UK (descendant of Naomi Barcham): Blakely family

Miles Ballaam, JnB Australia (descendant of John Barcham Green): Browning family

Cameron Brown, New Zealand: connection to Batchelor Barcham

John Barcham, WmB Australia (descendant of Henry Barcham)

You may contact the correspondent for your branch by clicking on their name; if no link appears, then send an e-mail to Judith to be forwarded.

There are still gaps in our network: if your branch of the family is not listed above and you would like to make a contribution please contact Judith.

We send an annual newsletter and occasional updates by e-mail. If you would like to join our e-mail list or if you have changed your address or would like to add addresses for your immediate family, or to unsubscribe, please  send an e-mail to Judith.

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