The Barcham Family

Barcham Family Gathering

Over a sunny English summer weekend in June 2003 family members enjoyed a full programme of activities: in the Chapel there were displays of photographs and other family memorabilia, and some gave 'show and tell' demonstrations; family members and their partners visited places that have links with the Barcham family while the Worstead Weavers demonstrated their craft in the Chapel museum. A detailed family tree, with more than 1500 names was displayed along one wall of the chapel. On Saturday 21 June there was a recital by the Barcham Ensemble, arranged by William Waterhouse, and a Reception hosted by North Norfolk District Council, at which gifts were exchanged, followed by a Banquet held at the Scarborough Hill Hotel, North Walsham. The Gathering concluded at noon on Sunday 22 June with the planting of a young fig tree in the grounds of the Baptist Chapel by Heather Elaine Barcham (from Australia) and Anne-Louise Barcham (from Canada) to commemorate the occasion. The secretary of the Baptist Chapel, Silvia Spencer, read a poem that she had written specially for the occasion and a plaque was unveiled by Chris Farrow and the deacon of the Baptist Chapel.

Baptist Chapel, Meeting House Hill [drawing by  Duncan Gadsby]

Read Impressions of the Gathering by Heather and Anne-Louise, and also some of the work involved in its organization. The Gathering would not have taken place without the detailed planning of the Organizing Committee, contributions from members of the Barcham Family and their partners, help from local residents, and others who gave freely of their time, knowledge and skills. The Barcham Family thanks everyone who helped to make the weekend a success. The Gathering was supported by the North Norfolk District Council and North Walsham Town Council.