The Barcham Family

Founding Families in New Zealand
Richard Barcham Shalders (b. 1824), son of Phoebe (née Barcham) and Jacob Shalders, and grandson of Elizabeth (née Helsdon) and John Barcham emigrated with his wife Eliza aboard the Katherine Stewart Forbes, to Auckland, New Zealand in 1852. He was the founder of the first YMCA in New Zealand (see photo). A booklet Early History of the Auckland Young Men's Christian Association written by R.B. Shalders and published in 1912 includes the author's 'Personal Reminiscences'. Read more about Richard Barcham Shalders, a remarkable Christian person, an excellent speaker and an inspiring teacher, who dedicated more than 60 years of his life to instructing young working men. His services to others provide inspiration to all of us today. Photos of Norfolk House, Worstead, where Richard grew up, and of St Mary the Virgin, his parish church,may be seen in the photo gallery. Visit the YMCA to find out about the work of the YMCA in New Zealand today.

Sidney Barcham (1836-1882) sailed on the South Australia from Hobsons Bay [Melbourne] to Port Chalmers [Dunedin] on 12 December 1865, and settled in Otago. He had a store in Dunedin.

Herbert Shalders, son of Anne and John Shalders of Southampton, emigrated to New Zealand aboard the SS Florida in 1884 at the age of 18. He settled in the Whangarei area, and married Mary Jane Allender.

Robert Barcham (1867-1960), son of Martha (née Smith) and William Edwards Barcham, emigrated in 1888 on the SS Kaikura. In 1901 he married Emma Martha Chandler at Palmerston North. Robert was a photographer in Wellington and Hastings (see photo). He had a studio on the top floor of a building next to the Grand Hotel in Hastings. The studio was destroyed in the fire following the 1931 earthquake. Fortunately, neither Robert nor Emma nor any of their children were injured and their home was not destroyed. Since no photographs taken by Robert are preserved in the archives, his photographic equipment must have been destroyed in the earthquake.

In 1888, Robert William Barcham (1859-1913), son of Robert Barcham of Cromer, his wife Constance (née de la Mare) and their son, Philip de la Mare, sailed to New Zealand on the Coptic. They settled in Wellington.

Dorothy Edith (née Barcham) (1893-1927) and Arthur Carson Adair emigrated to New Zealand shortly after they married in 1918. Dorothy was the daughter of Edith Emilie (née Pattle) and Herbert Clarence Barcham. Herbert emigrated to New Zealand some time after the death of his wife in 1926. Dorothy's brother, Sidney Herbert Barcham (1897-1980), also emigrated to New Zealand, where he married his cousin, Edna Melva Pattle, in 1925. Sidney was an orchardist in South Island.

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