The Barcham Family

The Barcham Family Today

Sarah and William Barcham, who lived and farmed at Edingthorpe, Norfolk, England, in the mid 18th century, have hundreds of descendants living throughout the world. William and Sarah's best means of finding out what was happening in the outside world was to journey to North Walsham from time to time where they would hear local and national news, and maybe collect the occasional letter from a relative. Some 250 years on, in a very different world, this website offers Barcham family members everywhere an opportunity to tell others how we live today in an easily accessible way. If you would like your profile to be posted on this page, please send your story to, maximum 250 words, together with an image of you and/or your family. If you would like to contact other family members, send a message initially to the Family Publisher who will forward it.


Please note that only members of the Barcham family may contribute to these pages. Profiles may be edited before posting. To protect  privacy  no personal details such as postal or e-mail addreses or dates will be posted.