The Barcham Family

Emigrations to Canada and the United States
Frank George Barcham (1870-1945), the youngest son of Samuel Barcham of Catfield and his first wife Elizabeth, did not marry; he died at Courtney, British Columbia.

Fred Barcham (1879-1907), eldest son of Samuel Barcham and his second wife, Alice Hannah Bull of Lingwood, married Amy Roberts. They emigrated to Canada in about 1904. Their son, Reginald Norman Barcham (1905-2002) was an athlete. Fred Barcham has descendants living in Ontario and British Columbia.

Two grandsons of Louisa (née Fuller) and Robert Barcham of Paston emigrated to the USA in about 1910. They were the youngest sons of Sarah Emma (née Barcham) and Robert Greensmith Dawson of Catfield: Arthur Dawson (1888-1948); William Dawson (b. 1890).

William (Willie) Henry Barcham (1888-1932), grandson of William Edwards Barcham, emigrated to Canada some time before 1914. After serving in the Canadian Army during World War I he and his wife Evelyn (née Connolly) settled in Victoria, Vancouver Island, where Willie worked for an insurance company. Following Willie’s death in 1932, Evelyn and their two daughters returned to Dublin, Ireland, where Evelyn had lived prior to her marriage.

Herbert John (Jack) Dudley Barcham (1892-1972) son of Herbert Samuel and his second wife Alice, of Knapton Old Hall, emigrated to Canada shortly before World War I. He served with the 28th (Saskatchewan) Battalion and was in action at Passchendaele. After the war he received a land grant in north-west Saskatchewan, became a farmer and married. His family now lives in Alberta and British Columbia.

Members of the Barcham family continued to emigrate until the 1960s, some taking advantage of assisted passages, attracted by job opportunities and the prospect of a better life. Others chose to live overseas following marriage.

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William Henry Barcham