The Barcham Family


Abney Park, London

It is now known that 12 members of the Barcham family were interred in Abney Park, an overgrown tranquil resting place in the heart of the bustling north London suburbs. Many Barcham families lived in this area of north London from the 1880s to the early 1900s.  Descendants of Barchams who are buried there and who wish to locate their graves should request directions from the Abney Park Trust.

The earliest of these burials was that of William Paul Johnson buried on 23 February 1841, aged 80. Thomas Henry Johnson, Mary Barcham (59) and Amy Dawson (77) were buried in the same grave in 1855 and 1910 respectively: and the gravestone was erected by William’s nephew and niece (not named). No record has been found that indicated whether families were aware that their more distant relations were buried here, and help is needed to find the relationships between these three persons.

Martha (née Smith) Barcham (1826-1870), first wife of William Edwards Barcham, is buried in the same plot as their daughter-in-law, Florence Emma (née Pattle) Barcham  (1860-1898), first wife of William Barcham (Martha and William Edwards’ eldest son) and also William and Emma’s youngest daughter Ethel Mary Barcham (1894-1913) who died of rheumatic fever aged 19. Their grave has been located and photos posted in ‘Barcham Places’. Anne (née Edwards) Barcham (1801-1877), William Edwards’ mother, is buried in a separate plot.

Josephine Mary (née Brewer) (1867-1896), first wife of Clarence Barcham Williams, is also buried in Abney Park.