The Barcham Family

Australia and New Zealand Families

Samuel Chandler
Robert Barcham, son of William Edwards Barcham of London, emigrated to New Zealand in 1888. He and his descendants are described in chapter 6 of The Barchams of Edingthorpe. At Palmerston North on 24 April 1901, Robert married Emma Martha Chandler. Emma, born in Wellington in 1875, was the daughter of Samuel Chandler, an Imperial Army Officer, and Mary Ann Check (née Smith).

Maori Connections
Several branches of the Barcham family in New Zealand have married persons of Maori ancestry. One of these is Stewart Robert Barcham, grandson of Robert Barcham  whose wife is Joan Mary Rangioue Bennett. Her grandfather was Bishop Manuhuia Augustus Bennett, a revered Maori elder. The
Bennett family have made significant contributions to public life in New Zealand. Several members of the Bennett family have served with distinction in the 28th Maori Battalion.

The Warby Family
Some of the Australian descendants of
Jedidiah Benjamin Pegg Barcham, a great-grandson of Mary and Benjamin Barcham of Sherringham, claim to be descended from two convicts who were transported to New South Wales for minor crimes. John Warby, convicted for stealing two asses and sentenced to be transported to Australia for seven years, was transported aboard the Pitt and arrived at Botany Bay in February 1792. Sarah Bentley, aged 16, convicted for stealing two cotton gowns and other items from her employer, was transported with 133 female convicts aboard the Indespensable which arrived at Port Jackson in April 1796. The Warbys became connected to the Barchams when their granddaughter, Ruby Elizabeth Warby, married Robert Sunman Swinfield Barcham at Rockdale, NSW, in 1912.

The Godolphin/Edwards pedigree
The descendants of
William Ayres Barcham have very diluted royal genes. William's wife, Anne Edwards of St Mary's in the Scilly Isles, Cornwall, was descended from Ursula , the youngest daughter of Margaret (Killigrew) and William Godolphin (1534-1608) of Godolphin Manor, a National Trust property near Breage in Cornwall. The lineage of the Godolphins has been traced back to Edward I, King of England 1272-1307 and his first wife Eleanor of Castile; the Killigrews to Edward I and his second wife Marguerite of France. Going further back, the lineage goes through Henry I, King of England 1100-1135, and Queen Matilda to William the Conqueror.

Ruby Warby married Robert Sunman Barcham