The Barcham Family

Clockmakers - the Julers of North Walsham

Sarah (b. 23 April 1726, d. 28 March 1763), the daughter of Mary (née Bacon) and William Barcham Senior of Church Farm, Edingthorpe, married John Juler (baptised 3 July 1718 at Bradfield) on 20 June 1746 at All Saints' Church, Edingthorpe. John was a watch and clock maker in Market Place, North Walsham, an occupation that was followed by his children and grandchildren. John Juler's ancestors have been traced with certainty to 1691 and further back to the 16th century in Paston and Gimingham.

The Juler Family have produced several generations of notable clock makers, doctors, surgeons and ophthalmologists in London, East Anglia and Australia. They have also been foundry owners in Cambridge and real estate agents in London.

Like the Barchams, John Juler’s forebears have been traced back to the 16th century in Norfolk. John’s parents, Hannah (née Long) and Matthew Juler, were members of the Independent [Baptist] Chapel in Bradfield, Norfolk, where their six children were baptised. When they were married at All Saints’ Edingthorpe Sarah was 20 and John 22. They had four children: James (1747–1768) died when he was 21; John (1750–1825) married Hannah Dyball, and followed his father’s craft, which he handed on to his son George (1786–1858); Matthew (b. 1752, died in infancy); and Matthew (1756–1837), who became an iron founder in Cambridge.

It seems that certain genes determine the occupations we pursue, and that these are passed on from one generation to the next. This is apparent in the crafts, professions and trades that were pursued by this branch of the family. Whereas the descendants of William Barcham of Church Farm, Edingthorpe, were predominantly farmers and mariners, the descendants of William’s younger sister Sarah were clock and watchmakers, pharmacists and surgeons, foundry owners and estate agents.


Henry Juler, ophthalmologist